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March 27, 2004



(Mary smacks head) Heidi must be right -- she was the only one smart enough to decline the privilege of seeing "Jersey Girl!" Though who would have expected that kind of flick from Kevin Smith...anyhoo, now that Dave (brother-in-law; hey, Dave!) mentions it, there is a birthday in the offing; uh, it's apparently on Friday, though at this point I don't have time to really think about it until June or so.


Actually I think he meant me. :)

Are we to assume from these comments that you have a birthday coming soon?


Thank you, Greta and Carolyn! I'm going with the split neck (the one shown on the back of the book). Although I'm avoiding them on Essence, there are some sleeves in my immediate future...bleh. Good luck, Greta! And Dave, I will get right on that scarf. Maybe we'll have a bit o' Christmas in July. Flowing tie-dye...hmmm...Last but not least: Mike had had a lot to drink that night, Carolyn -- so I'm sure he did mean you!! He was fun.

Brudda-in-law Dave


Please Mary, I know you have many other important project on your plate. Please feel no obligation to make me the flowing tie-dye scarf I keep asking Santa for. I'm confident he'll pull through one of these...years :)


PS What do you want for your birthday. I will need to mail it soon!

carolyn again

p.s. mike thinks you're the greatest. i said uh no mike you must mean I'M the greatest. but no he meant you. ;)


looks awesome girlie. now which neckline is it going to have??


ooooooooooooo, pretty!
As I am currently up to my armpits (pardon the pun) in SLEEVES to be knit....I too, say YAY for no sleeves!

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