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June 11, 2004



What a beautiful, crisp, elegant top!


Thank you all very much! Blushblushblush. It's such a great yarn, though.


oh, wow! This is so Wonderful! I *should* really be working on My Bleached Sweater...but alas, Too Many Projects.
Thanks for the INSPIRATION!


such a beautiful top!


That looks great - way to combine pattern portions to get what you wanted!


Petulance looks mahvelous, Mary!


I love what you did with the patterns. Wonderful job, looks great on you!

Bonne Marie

OOOOOOHHHHHH LA LA! O femme drapée par toile magnifique de l'OH!!!

Magnifique, Mary!

I am envious beyond compare, especially now that it is so warm...

A perfect foil for the doldrum days of summer.

I actually just washed my Drape again and it is softer than ever...


It looks awesome! So pretty and drapey. :) Lovely yarn, lovely pattern adjustments and lovely knitting. Congrats! Thanks for knitting along.


Ah, it's just beautiful! Great work!!!!!


Oh, that tank is such a good fit and looks great on you! Can't wait to see it at KIP! Three patterns in one for a one-of-a-kind tank!


You guys are great...or evil, I'm not sure which one. I have enough of the Tango (dark red) and white to do a striped top, I think...but maybe I should get a bag of pewter...yikes!!!! And yep, Elizabeth, I think I'll wear the thing to the next KIP. See you then!


Lovely, lovely! Can't wait to see it in person at the next KIP. (Hint, hint... you will bring it, right?) I *know* there's more Linen Drape awaiting you, I am looking forward to your next project with it.


it looks great!! :)
now isn't there anymore linen drape waiting in the wings???? (um i just ordered another 10 pack of it a few days ago. despite not having made anything with it yet. because i saw the colorway "indian" at emma's and it is SO beautiful. colourway.co.uk is having another sale. go mary go.)

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