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June 12, 2004



Hey, Monica, yeah! I'd definitely encourage a promotion for this sweater up the ranks of your to-do list -- it's going really fast (though you wouldn't know it from my blog). And dear Becky, bienvenue! I'll certainly regard it as an honor (and/or an Ahnold) any time you swing by. Thank you for the reassurance that ASC + H2O just might do the trick here.


ASC after the first wash comes out really nice and even. That's a wonderful top you've decided to do. It's one of my favorites from this pattern book.

This is my first visit to your blog. I like your writing and you've got some fun stuff on the needles. I'll be back! [Said like Arnie, but in a nice way :-)]


I love that sweater too! I think I have to move it up on my To-Do list.


That's a hopeful thought -- maybe a good blocking will even things out a bit. Even if the mutinous stitches don't cooperate, though, I can definitely see why you liked it so much for your *uniformly* lovely Spicey -- it must be heaven to wear, now that I've had some close contact with the fabric!


i'm so jealous, i LOVE that shade, that pattern, that yarn.... maybe you'll accidentally make it too big for you so it'll fit me!! :)
p.s. i think the reason my stitches look good in ASC in because it has that stretch in it, similar to wool, so it's really forgiving. i'm sure you'll see a diff. when you block it.

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