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December 22, 2004



Sooo... how's the vest? Don't leave us in suspense! I will be at KIP on Thursday, hope to see you, Mary, and all the rest of y'all too!

Bonne Marie

Me too! Oranges and Walnuts in the sock, with some small goodies thrown in. My sock had my name on a white fuzzy cuff. I think my Mom used Elmer's and glitter.

My Mom and aunt are coming for the weekend and to get back at them for all that Citrus, I got a little crate of Clementine Tangerines to torture them with.

Happy New Year to You, your hub and heesh!


I always got the orange, too! In fact, I *still* get the orange in my stocking! (Yes, we still do stockings. Except that it's a reciprocal thing now, and my mother knows when I go fishing in the fruit drawer for her orange that it's time to get up.) We use clementines, which are so yummy and sweet that I *do* look forward to them.
Merry Christmas to all of you!


I got the orange too, and you're right, it's always underwhelming. So was my mom's traditional can of Campbell's soup, although at least she would get Chicken-n-Stars or one of the more "fun" ones...

Happy happy holidays to you and Clark!


seems like a good transgender pronoun - let's submit it to law & order SVU, maybe we can get it on the show! start a trend!


Very festive and pretty!

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