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December 08, 2004



Posted on Ed, that's an interesting point, and one I hadn't cosnidered.I'm going with Jeff's argument on that one whether she's paid by a publication like PW or not, Heidi's a blogger, and what she writes is what I would traditionally call a blog, and I think she's identified primarily by that blog.Where your question would be really interesting is in the case of a top reporter for a major daily newspaper, say the person on the White House desk at the Washington Post what kind of blog could they write? Would they have the latitude to create an informal blog for washingtonpost.com that would not interfere with their duties and responsibilities as a reporter? Or would they have to necessarily apply the same rigorous standards to their blog that they did to their stories?


Yay! Glad you'll be at KIP!
See you there!

carolyn again

p.s. tell clark he should blog more.


if there is any NON STRESSFUL way to work on it... in your particular case i'm not sure there is. :) want to hang out with a gimp? i'm limping, but available. :)


Yay! I'm glad you're knitting again. You should continue to work on your dissertation. Just think of how much your baby will learn while you're working on it!


Whee! That would be excellent! Every pg friend I have is--dare I say?--stressing out over that article. (sigh) No worries, dear. I think the baby will survive your dissertation... Glad to hear you are knitting, though!

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