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April 09, 2009



.. a liberal elisitt snob cable news ancor. Oh my Lethal that's more intimidating than on pain of death. After much consideration, I vote to leave Impish populated . God forbid do anything that could cause an adverse reation towards DragonLaffs content. I don't think I could take it.Thus far, I've discovered that you guys have a private corporate elevator, AND Impish gets paid for housing multiple personalities. I'm definitely writing in the wrong genres. I still live in a one level house, and my office is a work space in my room, lol. However, I do have the coolest desk in the world to work from, thanks to McGuyver who lives next door, and custom built it for me. That aside, danggg! A private elevator and headspace rental! I'm a hair from jealousy, lol. (I'm teasing about the jealousy. I'd nearly always rather take the stairs. It's the THOUGHT of it I find alluring, lol.) Freud c'mon guys. Freud? He was the father of cracked and whacked'dom. No WONDER Impish is fouled up! And, fair warning, Lethal, psychosis via osmosis. (wink)Christian, yes. Gentle depends on whom you're talking to.It's still bugging me that I can't get the bin thing.And last, I checked the mugs. Wasn't there one available that had the both of your charismatic avatars on it, with the Dragon Laffs logo? I thought that one was the most unbiased (in regards to favoritisim) and will add chracter to my oh-so-cool desk while it holds that magical life-enhancing brew I drink so much of.I'd advise you to stay sane and be safe, but I'll just leave it at be safe. Angelia


it looks great :)

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