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April 20, 2010



ok ok , that can change , unimlited enemys ok ok , if you want to your computer run lagg , ok (i know , some computers this dont hapened , the lagg , but others do) , and a ting im tinking , and this idea pass over all limits , 180 seconds coltdown , and NEW EXTREMELY NEW!(i hope you can ride a dragon) if you shot the arrow to a friendly unit (like archer , dragon , catapult etc:) you transform to that unit , but you dont die , its a spirit change , ex: you shot the arrow to your holy dragon , you pass to control the self dragon , shot what he can , and gain all the dragonb4s abilitys , and your mage/hunter/destructor , wil act them self , use normaly yours skils , and blablabla , this is , you pass to control the dragon , and your hero wil act normaly , like the normal archer but withs much abilitys.bewear , WARNING! ,if you change spirit , you pass to control that unit , but , if any unit you control , DIE , its the same your hero die , you lose (to complicate the things)that spirit change CANOT be used to melee units (grunt , shielded grunt , blablabla) , thats is probable that you die very quikly , and , , ever you see your hero make a melee atack? , that wil not result , you wil canot atack , the arrow wil make the same , that all yours units do wen a cure arrow pass , and the allied unit have the full life , the same.dont wory , if you pass to another unit , the ability wil stay , if the coltdown pass and if you want to change unit , search the last line of the total abilitys , and you wil find it.i hope you like it more , mr. Dragon1357 :):) 0 0


lol! yeah we just got home friday, it was SOO eutaxshing but very worth it! haha! yeah she my MIL (hubby's step mom) She has an awsome camera! I told her she should start charging, and make a buisness out it. But she doesn't think she's good enough. I LOVE all her photos.

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