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April 09, 2010



Dear Mr.RichardsI had a lovely time.On mdnoay I went to the sweet meadows with Merediths best freind,Megan.There was a muddy river and we all fell in !(on purpose!) On sunday I went to my Aunties house I took there dog,Poppy home to give her a wash.Poppy kept on running around the garden trying to get away from the water. Imogen xxx


That cake looks amazing. It looks so prfoessional. I bet your kids are going to love that. Boy, people need to lighten up about Easter. We can celebrate our Lord and Savior and still have some fun with Easter bunnies, etc, for the kids. Geesh. Anyway, wishing you and your family a Happy Easter!!!

Ashley Salas

Mary! I can't believe Ellie is 5!!!! She is getting so big. The egg crafts look really cute, i am considering doing them myself. I hope all is well. Ashley Salas

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