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April 22, 2010


Katy Eagles

Wow! You grow your garden yourself? Amazing indeed! I can’t even grow a single plant in a garden, what more if I try planting flowers? I’m sure you are one of those gifted with a green thumb. Happy planting!


yo man , that is a GREAT IDEA!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:Dbut , only to be just:* you start with a castle to ptecort*yes , the enemy wil spawn in more units wen the portal is alaive*but , more chalenge , the portal can apear anywhere just about , the portal wil randomly chose to apear first , in air (to spawn a limited amount of air units) or ground (to spawn a limited amount of ALL ground units)*of course , this wil randomly chose , yea , but , the portal wil apear in a period in air or ground , to drop some limited units (of course you must destroy the portal to stop the units drop , or stay play for eternity) after that period , the portal wil disapear for some time , that time is ideal to kil the droped enemy units , after some time , the portal , wil chose randomly , air or ground (of course) (im explain beter , down to this)ex: portal is comming from the ground , heb4s droped some ground units (if apear in air , the ground units wil not apear , or if the enemy invent the parachute) , that time , focus on destroying the portal (it wil be harder to destroy of course) , the portal disapear , focus on destroying the droped units , to have less units in field , the portal now , can apear again in ground , or , for now , in air , and do again the droped units , and blablablablabla. wen the portal is completely destroyed , you wil see the victory thing.*of course , the portal wil be harder , wen im tel , HARDER , im mean , no magic or mind , and elemental arrows wil not make extra damage , the fire arrow wil be continuously damage , but , wen the portal , disapear , the fire arrow wil not make continuous damage , the flame wil drop in the ground.Mr. Neosii Moonlight Dragon i hope this can help. :):):D 0 0

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